Good Posture is Important For Proper Back Support

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Posture and back pain have long been associated with one another as interlocking components, in relation to the health of our spine and our back. But many people really have no idea how critical posture is in correlation to our back support. Correct posture is a simple, but effective way to maintain proper back health and maintain healthy spine support. Good posture and back support are integral components critical to reducing the incidences and levels of back pain and neck pain.

Not maintaining good posture and adequate back support can put serious strain on the muscles and even more stress on the spine. Over time, the stress from poor posture can change the anatomical characteristics of the spine, leading to possibly serious medical problems, including constricted blood vessels, nerves, and problems with muscles, bones and joints. Having poor posture can also contribute to neck pain, as well as headaches, fatigue, and breathing difficulties. Having poor posture is not a laughing matter, and it could be contributing to your back pain more than you realize.

Correct posture involves keeping each part of the body in alignment with the surrounding areas. This means keeping all parts balanced and supported. If you have correct posture you should be able to draw an imaginary straight line from the earlobe, through the shoulder, hip, knee, and right down to the middle of the ankle. When moving from one position to another, the most ideal situation for your back is to move smoothly and with fluidity. After a concentrated effort, these movements will become more automatic and require little or no effort to maintain.

Examples of bad posture are slouching with shoulders hunched forward, swayback syndrome, which is an inward curve in the spine, due to bad posture. Carrying something that is too heavy on one side of the body can cause bad posture. If people hold the phone between their neck and shoulder for too long, it can cause bad posture. Even wearing high-heeled shoes or clothes that are too tight, can cause poor posture.

To quickly identify bad posture you need to examine your own individual posture throughout the day, such as sitting on the couch, standing in line, etc. At regular times throughout the day take notice of your posture and back support to see if you are following the correct guidelines of good posture. Bad posture can cause tense muscles, which can put the whole body out of alignment. By having better posture you will sustain proper back health, feel better, look better, and maintain a better sense of balance in your body.

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Good Posture is Important For Proper Back Support

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This article was published on 2010/03/27