Good Posture Or Good Pose?

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Posture is the alignment of body to hold the upper and lower parts erect against gravitational power that tends to pulls the body down. Muscles, ligaments and bones support the body to keep it upright. Posture involves tuning the body in performing day to day activities such as standing, walking, sitting, lying and so on. A good posture is the position that best supports the body in its daily activities by giving the muscles, bones and ligaments the least pain with which it can bear the whole weight of the body.

Related disorders

Good posture favors a balanced functioning of the system, thereby safeguarding the body against abnormalities such as gas trouble, constipation and other vulnerable digestion related disorders. Physical illnesses such as muscular pain, backache, unnecessary wear and tear of ligaments and sprain can be better avoided by following a healthy posture. In addition, a good posture displays attitude, confidence and helps the person to feel better.

A vital point in the concept of good posture is to apply the spine straight. That is why any activity such as eating, walking, standing or sleeping does not involve bending of spine for a long period of time. Spine is believed to be the fortifying bone that assists flow of blood from brain to other parts of the body. An un-sloped position favors easy and unhindered flow of blood to the rest of the body and vice versa. In addition to this, ladies attenuate their back with the usage of heels.

We allow it to happen

Today's trend supports a sedentary lifestyle that involves a lot of work in the same position. People who work in IT industries are prone to work in the sitting position for a long period of time. So people tend to sit with their spines inclined on the chair. This effect slopes the spine and does not fortify an appropriate flow of blood leading to the various abnormalities as mentioned above.

What is a good posture?

While using the system see to that head and neck lies a bit forward than your body. Long hours of motionless position should be avoided. Place the monitor at least three to four feet from you to support an appropriate posture. Do not forget to take regular intervals in between the work to break the effect of motionless position. A good posture can be well developed with the help of regular habits such as jogging, running, walking, swimming and especially exercising.

Good posture: How does it help you?

Some of the common postural mistakes encompass sloping the spine, leaning head forward, protruding stomach and protruding back. The best way to check posture is to ensure an alignment where the ears, shoulders, hep, knees and ankle lie in the straight line. A good posture promises a healthy living and a disease free life. Follow a good posture and grab a robust life for a long span of time.

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Good Posture Or Good Pose?

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This article was published on 2010/04/02