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Learning how to improve posture quickly is important if you're currently not using the best of postural stances. Posture plays a big role in not only the way we feel about ourselves, but also how others view us as well.  Add to this that  you will have enhanced energy levels, decreased risk of injuries, and will reduce your chances of suffering from back pain down the road and you can easily see how important this really is.

Here is how you can improve posture quickly by thinking about these tips.

Rethink Your Work Station

The first thing you should be doing when thinking about how to improve posture is looking at the desk you're sitting in at work. If you aren't completely comfortable, this should be the first thing you look at changing. 

Always make sure your computer is at a good reading height so you aren't crouched over looking at the screen and that you are neither leaning too far forward or backwards in your chair.

More and more people are also starting to give some thought to using standing work stations, which can also help to reduce some of the stress off your back and improve the overall situation.

Consider The Exercises You Perform In The Gym

Next, you should also think about the exercises you are typically performing during your time in the gym. In order to learn how to correct posture effectively, consult a personal trainer to help you learn exactly which movements are going to target all the different muscles in the back, as these will be the ones that will help maintain your posture and prevent fatigue from setting in.

Watch Your Stress Levels and Shoulder Tension

Stress is potentially one of the biggest contributors to poor posture because it causes our shoulders to tense up and our back position to move from good alignment. Try and take the time to do some stress reducing activities every week in effort to help decrease your overall stress and bring your shoulders to a more relaxed level.

Perform Regular Stretching Activities

 Finally, be sure to take the time to perform regular stretching activities as this will help to loosen up all the tendons and ligaments deep within the back, reducing the chances they tighten up and make it harder to maintain proper posture.

Focus on holding each stretch for a minimum of thirty seconds while you are performing it and then try and do it at least two or three times each session.

Stretching after your strength workouts is a good strategy but don't think you can't stretch at other times as well. Even doing ten minutes of stretching daily while watching your favourite TV show can help to increase your range of motion over time and help improve your ability to maintain posture.

So, keep these ideas in mind when searching for information about how to improve posture. Getting a good handle on the fundamentals of posture will allow you to take the best approach that will have you seeing results quickly.

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How to Improve Posture

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This article was published on 2010/04/04