Improve Your Posture With Easy Exercise

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Spine is one of the most important components of our body. One major key to protecting your spine and back health is to pay attention to your posture and your posture habits. How you hold and move your body can either be the cause of your back problems or the reason why youll avoid many common injuries. Many people sustain injuries to their back when lifting objects incorrectly. When picking up items from the ground, avoid using the back to lift the weight. Instead, bend your knees (instead of bending at the waist) to lower yourself and pick up the object, then allow your leg muscles to lift and carry most of the weight. With a light dumbbell, and a stretching exercise or two, it is very easy to correct rounded shoulders.

A couple of minutes each session done twice monthly is all you need. Correcting a rounded shoulder improves your spinal posture, which is desirable because with uneven alignment, the discs between your backbones will wear out more quickly. Good posture consists of keeping the spine straight and carrying the shoulders neither rounded nor pulled back. Maintain this posture even when bent over at the waist while working, playing or lifting.

Anatomically, your spines have holes that house nerves, so you do not want to damage those nerves by bending or twisting the spine excessively. The spine, for the most part, was not really designed for bending or twisting a lot. Bending is best done with the knees and at the waist. Look at a skeleton and muscle chart of the intestinal muscles, and you will see that they are small and short. Strong and big people could use a heavier dumbbell. Exercising more frequently might become boring, and since an exercise routine should be a lifetime activity, just do this about twice a month throughout your life. This exercise works the small muscle in your back called rhomboids and it stretches your chest.

An ideal standing position involves holding your head up straight, with your chin tucked slightly in. Keep your chest forward, push your shoulder blades back and tuck your stomach in. Most of your weight should sit on the balls of your feet not your heels or toes. Let your arms hang down naturally. This is the short theme to improve your posture.
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Improve Your Posture With Easy Exercise

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This article was published on 2010/10/20