Your Guide to Perfect Posture

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Most of us are aware of someone with a good posture when we see it. A good example that we are all familiar with is an image of an Army Sergeant Major or a local Yoga teacher. When we think of good posture we envisage someone standing tall with their shoulders back and relaxed. Interestingly, most of us will think of these individuals is being healthy and vibrant given good posture helps to promote fit and young looking people.

The key to good posture surrounds our ability to remember to stand or sit up straight as often as we can. Here are just a few of the principal rules of good posture and how you can adopt them;

Distribute your weight evenly on both feet when standing making sure that your knees are only slightly bent keeping your shoulders back and relaxed. Envisage your head on top of your shoulders as opposed to feeling that your chin is pushing out. Imagine in this position you are able to draw an imaginary line across from your earlobes through your shoulders knees and hips and then down to your ankle area.

When practising this you may feel as if you are tucking your chin in and perhaps even forming the horrid double chin. If this is you, then simply lift your chin without allowing your head to push forward. To try out this stance, take up a standing position with your heels against a flat wall and then be aware of your bottom, your shoulder blades and the rear of your head upon the wall. Now step forwards and retain the same position as you were when you were flat against the wall.

The perfect posture when sitting down is exactly the same as for the upper body, but you will be required to bend your knees at a 90° angle whilst keeping your feet flat on the ground you may have two alter the height of the chair you are sitting on to achieve this.

As I mentioned in the opening, good posture is as much to do with remembering about it however, if you do practice and recall these shoulder roll steps every day it will help you stay vibrant and young looking

1. Sit straight and upright in your chair

2. Let your arms relax and having your hands hang by the side of your chair

3. Roll your shoulders in an upward and forward motion gently4.

4. Carry on with this circular motion until your shoulders are about your ears

5. Pull your shoulders back and down to complete a full circle

6. Continue repeating this exercise five times ensuring that the circle with your shoulders is as large as possible during each cycle.

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Your Guide to Perfect Posture

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This article was published on 2010/03/28